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July 2, 2012  (updated 2017)

I have always wanted to experience as much of what life has to offer as possible.  Sometimes it’s something exciting and dynamic…other times it’s more subtle and simple.   I have realized that even when things don’t work out as planned there is something to learn and enjoy.  The self develops more with experiences—especially the unplanned ones.

As time moves forward, though, I find myself more settled and less impulsive…I want a balance of these two:  impulsive settle-ness?  Or settled impulsiveness?  What I have now that I didn’t have as a younger woman is more knowledge about myself and what I like—no—rather what I am good at (and enjoy).

This Blog is all about storytelling.  As a photographer and textile artist through images and as an oral storyteller through the written word.

I like to travel on the off-roads; the more difficult trails so to speak.  I began with dreams of becoming a photographer and did wildlife photography in Costa Rica where I met many interesting people on those off-roads.  I am a textile artist; mainly miniature quilting where I can explore the combination of color, form and texture.  As a bilingual storyteller I share stories, culture, and language with children, their families, and their teachers in two languages!

Stories—Thru Image & Word is a reflection of who we are and how we fit in with this world of so much diversity and commonality.

M.Gutierrez_MixedMedia in Color&Light

Marcia Gutiérrez



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