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Today marks a year from the day that I began walking up the Pyrenees Mountains from St Jean Pied de Port, France.  A day where the rain that fell down baptized me.  A beginning of a 60 day journey across Northern Spain ending in Muxía.

1517_3x4My journey began with an open mind to what may come my way.  I love meandering through unknown terrain (or well known terrain for that matter).  I looked forward to the culture and history that I would be experiencing; the time alone with my thoughts; the sounds that would surround me; the people that I would meet; the food, wine, colors, textures, and scents of this wonderfully diverse country—Spain.

As I write this an image comes to mind of a day I was walking through a village and a chorus of birds where singing behind a high stone wall.  All I could see were the tops of the trees over the wall.  The variety of bird song was wonderful!  Many I had never heard before…I hear it now over the low traffic noise coming through my apartment window in France…


This is where my journey, my pilgrimage, has taken me.  As my husband and I walked across Spain we talked about the next chapter in our life.   Life had seemed to take us to a dead end.   Yet at any end there are other paths to take…just which one?

I asked him what his passion was.  “Wine” was the answer.  He was already attending a 2 year program on wine at a local University.  Where to go now?

Uncertainty can be a hindrance to move forward.  The Question to ask yourself is:  “In 5 years from now how will I feel if I don’t take that jump forward and do it?”

So during our pilgrimage, his second, my first, we asked ourselves and each other The Question.  When we returned home the research and work (lots of research and work!) began for the next chapter of our lives.

We have been attending French classes since February at the Allaince Français in Chicago to help, this will be my third language; my husband’s forth.   While he is attending classes at the Bordeaux Science Agro in Vinyard and Wine Management I will be attending classes at the Allaince Français in Bordeaux and exploring and taking photos.

Who would of thunk that this shy, dyslexic, creative little girl would have the fortitude to take this jump forward in her life?  Not me…but here I am; a woman in her 60’s not allowing anything stop me from getting the most out of life.

Our apartment is located across from a church called Notra Dame and across from it is a park with a marker for El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, 1140 km.   There’s a garden design of a shell in the grass and brass shell markers embedded in the sidewalk.  We are now living along El Camino!

¡Buen Camino!



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